Shouting out in silence

On May 9th, 2019 – Jeroen Frumau facilitated a Navigator workshop at the Eindhoven Networking Event for job-seeking professionals, all in age 50 year or older. An audience that is challenged by (1) finding a next career step or new career path that provides relevance to potential employers, but (2) also ensures personal relevance and satisfaction.

The WORKSHOP focused on having participants being observed by a total stranger. How is the stranger seeing opportunities for you, without having experienced you ever before, without being biased by earlier experiences with you? By creating the ‘space’ to really listen, what new perspectives and suggestions do you hear in their feedback, reflections, suggestions.

Twenty participants participated in this mini-workshop – 75 minutes composed of time-boxed self-reflection exercises, creative brainstorming, thinking-hat reflections, feedback conversations and 1:1 consultation.

The session was concluded by a shared reflection on experiences on the exercises: how did they experience ‘real listening’, what gifts were hidden in the feedback/suggestions received, did this trigger new steps to take or paths to follow?

event highlight: seeing all people in total silence shouting out qualities, inspirations, and ambitions on paper. Never experienced a workshop that made soo little sound while collaborating so intense.

Some of the participants’ reactions:
“It really made me humble ‘having to fully listen’ to what someone else sees in me. Normally I jump into the conversations. I really heard new things.”


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