About us

We are FrankandtheNavigator, transition and collaboration entrepreneurs. Based in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), city of light, design and innovation – we partner with leaders in transition to accelerate their time to success, resource to win and build to last. The transition of leaders is a delicate process. As much as can go wrong, much more can go right.

There is massive unlocked potential for many leaders in organizations. We are builders of success. We make integration impactful and accelerate time to success. During on-boarding and integration, we support leaders and hiring managers in navigating toward realizing the full potential and make choices in a ‘frank’ and fresh way.

Armed with a design mindset, focus on impact and action orientation we let leaders in transition make a difference. By applying simple wisdom, we work with our clients in a pragmatic and realistic way on results that contribute to the leader’s and the company’s management agenda.